"Scales of Justice" is the visual lobby engagement installation for Phoenix Theatre's on-going production of the Broadway musical, "The Scottsboro Boys." The production tells the story of nine young black men whose lives were ruined as a result of the false claims of rape in the South during the Great Depression era.


The game begins when a person places any of the game pieces onto either end of the scale. The objective is for the player to balance both ends of the scale, using as many of the game pieces as possible. Players are asked to examine the pieces on either side and determine its significance to real-life scenarios of injustice. While the installation is a fun ice-breaker, it also serves as a tool for players to more closely look into the role of race, class, education, and livelihood and their collective relationship to justice.

How many different ways can you balance the scales of justice?

Game pieces are modeled after the props used in the show. Pieces include: steel chairs, a white female character, guns, newspapers, books


by Kyra Trent

On display April 5 - April 30, 2017

Phoenix Theatre Lobby

100 E McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ  85004


The Scottsboro Boys: http://tickets.phoenixtheatre.com/single/psDetail.aspx?psn=7187

Commonly asked questions:
Do the scales ever balance?  -Maybe.

Is there more than one way to balance the scales? -Possibly.

Does one game piece weigh more than the others?  -Perhaps.